These are the most popular sports

These are the most popular sports

The current sport and fitness trend has been going on for several years. In Germany, too, there are some sports that are particularly popular with people. We would like to take a closer look at them and at the same time get to the bottom of the question why they are so popular.

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9 million train in the gym

The high number of registrations in the fitness studios fit in perfectly with the current development. The cheap chains in particular succeeded in recruiting new members and thereby consolidating the trend. More than nine million Germans train in the gym and use the location as an opportunity to train their own bodies in a targeted manner. In contrast to many other sports, the focus is on improving individual body functions. While this desirable goal tends to take a back seat in other activities, it becomes a goal-setting maxim when training in the studio. The plans of the exercisers are very different, as shown on Regardless of whether it’s building muscle mass, losing fat or health-oriented training – the current rush to the studios is to be welcomed in any case.

The dominant football

Every sport is characterized by an individual pattern of different advantages. One of the best overall packages is definitely provided by soccer. It is by far the most popular sport in Germany, and rightly so. First of all, it is the joy of the game that keeps numerous amateurs in the clubs. Due to the high running demands and the versatile overall package that is required of the players in terms of coordination and strength, the sport represents the desired balance to the stressful everyday life for many.

On the other hand, football also captivates media like hardly any other activity. The fact that sums in the billions are now at stake can be traced back to the great popularity among the population. The football stadiums and sports fields are important meeting places in Germany every weekend. Right up to the present day one can speak of an important national sport that has definitely earned this name and is rightly adorned with it.

In a survey, in which the most popular sports of a representative selected target group in Germany, two big surprises were found. Because behind football, which dominates the field by a large margin, boxing and motorsport are located in the popularity ranking. About 13 percent of those surveyed said they were particularly enthusiastic about both sports.

A look at the statistics of the television stations shows that there is interest on the part of the population. After football, boxing and motor sports are the best way to discover one of the two sports in the free-to-air program. Nevertheless, it is mainly passive consumption that is responsible for the enthusiasm. The actual proportion of boxers and racing drivers who regularly pursue their activity is significantly lower.

Especially in the autumn and winter months, skiing is gaining popularity among Germans again. Those who can afford it can take a few days or weeks to the ski areas of the Alps with friends or family and complete the demanding ski workout. Because even when skiing, the muscles are put into hypertrophy – especially with irregular training. So skiing and muscle building are by no means mutually exclusive. But here, too, attention should be paid to sufficient regeneration or breaks after training (the descent). Otherwise, untrained piste athletes run the risk of excessive strain leading to overtraining.

The diversity of sport

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On the other hand, such a view proves how diverse and diversified the field of sports is. So everyone has the opportunity to find suitable offers that suit their own interests. The convulsive goal of increasing physical performance does not always have to be in the foreground.

Even those who concentrate solely on the sport itself and enjoy the movement will automatically see great improvements in the long run. A performance idea that is too much in the foreground when practicing a sport, even for amateur athletes, can on the other hand even have a paralyzing and inhibiting effect. For these reasons, it is so important to approach the subject with a certain foresight. Because the fact that our everyday life in the 21st century actually involves too little movement cannot be denied.

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