Proteine in der Ernährung beim Muskelaufbau

Pretty much every demanding round of debates on the weight bench at home sooner or later revolves around the topic of Diet while building muscle . But which factors really influence muscle building and what is the role of diet in strength and muscle building training? In this article we clarify exactly these questions so that you have more powerful arguments in your hand than your sweaty towel in the next discussion in the free weight area. Successful muscle building – a matter of nutrition? What’s it called so often? You are what you eat? Well, that may be the case for a fairly large proportion of our population. If the beige-gray sweatpants are then combined with the demanding television program at lunchtime, the determined fitness starter package is complete. Or at least almost. Because, as is so often the case in life, the right mix is ​​important. Anyone who…

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The Implications of Fatigue: Science Examines Our Movement as We Tire |  Breaking Muscle

There are many myths and fairy tales surrounding the topic of relaxation and breaks in sentences during strength training. But before we have to try to get Jeannie out of her dusty oil lamp so that she can tell us more fairy tales about the optimal set break length between the exercise sets during strength training, let’s try to shed a little more light on the topic of sentence breaks during strength training . Basically, with the help of some sports medicine aspects, a good basis for decision-making can be created, which every athlete can design individually for his own training. Why sentence breaks are important in strength training Or to put it another way: How long do the breaks between the individual training sets of an exercise have to be? In order to be able to answer this question, we must first distinguish between fatigue and exhaustion. Fatigue occurs…

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Tip: The Latest on Training to Failure | T Nation

Do I always have to train to failure in order to experience maximum muscle growth? A question that is definitely justified. Everyone knows this feeling when the last repetition goes worse than planned and you enter into a much closer relationship with the barbell than you would actually like. If you are one of the notorious late night buddies and prefer to train alone, it looks pretty bleak for you when an acute muscle failure occurs. Every day you can see countless athletes in the local fitness studios who torment themselves to vomiting during muscle building training and who make their own muscles a slave. Basically, that’s exactly the right attitude – discipline is the most important parameter in strength training. But does it always have to be training to failure so that muscle building is really effective? When does muscle failure occur? Let’s take a closer look at the…

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Female Muscle Growth: The Summer Muscle-Building Plan! | |  Bodybuilding workouts, Muscle women, Workout plan

When women start strength training, almost every development in their fitness level is somehow comparable. If you then use the scales as an indicator of your own training success , it’s your own fault. It is probably the worst possible instrument that allows a correct conclusion to any training progress. Why? Well, the training progress doesn’t behave the way you would like it to. Most women start training with the goal of “burning local fat”. As soon as you have realized that hours of sessions on the cross trainer, stepper or treadmill do not lead to success and that you should rather combine cardio training and strength training, the first real training successes come. However, the (useless) scales rise again and again when climbing again. Logical. As a beginner, you gain a lot more muscle than you can burn fat. At least the water content of the muscle mass is…

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7 easy weight loss tips to get you in shape post Christmas | The Times of  India

When the last gram of fuel paste from the fondue burner has gone out, the raclette has finally stopped glowing and the remains of the crispy Christmas goose have disappeared into the depths of the black bin, we know: Christmas is over. But how do we get all the “Christmas gains” (attention: pun!) Off our hips again? A classic first world problem. So: How can we lose weight quickly after Christmas? In this article we want to clarify exactly this question. To do this, we not only look at the causes of uncontrolled weight gain (don’t worry, we’re not going back to the historical reasons of Christmas), but also the physiological energy requirements of your body and the theoretical bases with which you can boost your fat burning again . Why do we gain so much weight over Christmas? In view of the countless (excess) calories that we encounter every…

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Top Local Trainer on Twitter: "5 big chest exercises from @bodybuildingcom  for you to try this week! Give them a go! #Gym #Gains #Fitness #Health  #Chest #Muscle…"

In this article we deal with the optimal training frequency. We answer the question of how often you should train per week so that your muscle hypertrophy (muscle building) comes close to your goals and you can soon strut with your crisp bikini body over the sandy beaches of the South Pacific or with your atypical dimensions bring every man’s outfitter to despair. Joking aside. What constitutes the ideal training frequency for muscle building training? Even from the formulation of this fundamental question, the astute athlete with hidden analytical talent can recognize which type of athlete is in him. I probably don’t even have to explain that to you, but at least we can better understand our following categorization of the basic training frequencies based on the question. How often do I have to train per week? How often should you train per week? How often can I train per…

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