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How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need?

There are many things that can be done without problems. Sore muscles, tax back payments or stress with your spouse are definitely part of it. However, if you regularly cut back on sleep, you will quickly feel the health consequences. Chronic lack of sleep is far from healthy. But how much sleep is necessary anyway? And how important is sleepA for building muscle? We explain. Restful sleep as basis for performance Maybe we have to put that into perspective first. If you lie on the sofa all day anyway and spend your valuable time streaming American series or if your maximum physiological stress is only in the continuous walk to the refrigerator, then getting enough sleep definitely has a different meaning than for the actual target group Article. However, if you belong to the hard-working, learning or training population, you can regard a restful sleep as a fundamental pillar of…

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How Long Should You Stay in a Sauna?

When the long and exhausting day in the office draws to a close, many have only one thought: Off to training . The mobilization of the primary muscles is of the utmost importance when the monotonous stress caused by prolonged sitting is heavily loaded. Top-class fitness studios or hotel gyms in particular offer another pleasant part that can easily be added to training: the sauna session. But why is the sauna so useful after training? Sauna after training: pleasant advantages For many athletes, the sauna is an absolute must, especially after extensive strength training. After all, the obligatory sauna session should primarily promote relaxation of the stressed muscles, initiate muscle regeneration and promote physical recovery. The faster the stressed muscles can regenerate, the faster the performance of the muscles will be restored. This is not relevant for all athletes, but if you train regularly at a high level of performance…

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The Implications of Fatigue: Science Examines Our Movement as We Tire |  Breaking Muscle

There are many myths and fairy tales surrounding the topic of relaxation and breaks in sentences during strength training. But before we have to try to get Jeannie out of her dusty oil lamp so that she can tell us more fairy tales about the optimal set break length between the exercise sets during strength training, let’s try to shed a little more light on the topic of sentence breaks during strength training . Basically, with the help of some sports medicine aspects, a good basis for decision-making can be created, which every athlete can design individually for his own training. Why sentence breaks are important in strength training Or to put it another way: How long do the breaks between the individual training sets of an exercise have to be? In order to be able to answer this question, we must first distinguish between fatigue and exhaustion. Fatigue occurs…

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