Muscle Building in Women

Muscle Building in Women

Motivated by trained advertising models and Hollywood beauties, many women torment themselves again and again with special stomach, legs and buttocks courses, starve themselves into depression with overpriced slim-while-sleep drinks or train with useless, fluffy-colored 1 kg dumbbells until vomiting. All of this is supposed to help women lose weight and tighten tissue. Dear fitness industry, are you serious? In this article, we’ll show you what fitness training for women really should look like. No myths. No lies. Real strength training only.

We think that women finally have to be treated appropriately! The right fitness training for women does not differ that much from the training methods of the supposedly “stronger sex”. Only a few variables have to be individualized and optimized in the woman’s training and nutrition, so that visible successes can also be seen in training goals!

Building Muscle In Women: The Truth About Weight Training

This fitness guide is suitable for all women who primarily want to lose body fat, tighten the tissue and build muscles so that a balanced fitness is achieved in the long term and the body becomes irresistibly sexy. After all, it’s a damn good feeling when the men on the beach drool over their beer at the sight of trained Biki bodies and the muscle-bound proles in the gym voluntarily give the women the squat rack out of respect for their firm butts!

Why women train wrongly

In summary: Because nobody tells you how to do it properly. Women mostly train (as already described) with completely inefficient methods. Lightweight dumbbells, weight loss drinks and training plans of very low intensity pursue a primary goal: not to overload the women so that they can invest in overpriced and ineffective training methods for many more years and not out of frustration and lack of motivation Abort fitness training. A clever strategy for the fitness industry.

In the case of males, on the other hand, it can be observed that unchecked motivation, given a defined six-pack or strong muscles, leads to fitness training being maintained in a disciplined manner. Performance slumps or failures are simply accepted and afterwards you train even harder. Men know how hard they have to work to build muscle. This applies to both training and nutrition. The Internet offers a wealth of information here. If you do not want to implement professional tips and plans, you will not achieve positive results.

Women falsely focus on weight loss programs and “abdominal, legs, buttocks” workouts and stay away from classic muscle building training so that they do not mutate into muscle mountains. This setting guarantees a lack of training success. Women who torture themselves for hours on the cross trainer and then only train adductors and abductors will never look like a fitness model.

What really counts: low body fat and strong muscles

3 Effective Muscle-Building Tips For Women To Help You Stay Strong & Healthy - GirlTalkHQ

For women, the desire for a tight and slim figure predominates. This means that the women are very sensitive to their training. Out of fear of uncontrollable mountains of muscles Avoid any exercise that a male bodybuilder has done that could lead to muscle building. The worst conceivable variant with which fitness training for women can be started.

A firm figure, on the other hand, can only be achieved in one single way: Well-developed and strong muscles must be combined with a low percentage of body fat (KFA This is the only way that the muscles can use the tissue of the Visibly tighten woman. If the muscles on the buttocks are hidden under tons of fat, the fat has to go before the buttocks can become firmer and crisper. Of course, this also applies to all other body regions.

Fat burning is most effective when cardio training is combined with muscle building and a healthy diet . This is the only way to work towards an energy deficit that is indispensable for burning fat.

We eliminate prejudices and persistent myths!

  • Myth 1: Muscle building training lets women mutate into mountains of muscles

One of the most persistent myths and largely responsible for the fact that fitness training for women often does not bring the desired training success. For fear of too big arms, too strong thighs or too many muscles in general, conventional strength training is preferred. However, this fear is unfounded!

  • Women can only build up muscles to a limited extent and they never mutate naturally into a female muscle mountain!

The “male” androgen Testosterone , which is absolutely necessary for muscle building, only accounts for small proportions in the female hormone level (usually only around 10-20% compared to male testosterone levels). The estrogens produced in the woman’s ovaries also bind excess testosterone, making it ineffective. If the female hormone level remains in a natural equilibrium (high levels of estrogens, few androgens), there are no significant changes in muscle building to fear.

The only way women can achieve similar muscle growth as male bodybuilders is by consuming synthetic growth hormones (anabolic steroids). If the hormonal balance is manipulated by anabolic steroids (trenbolon tabletten), this has radical effects on the ability to build muscles. In plain language: If women don’t use anabolic steroids, they won’t become bodybuilders either!

Strength training makes women bulkier overall?

Another misconception that makes this myth so dangerous is the belief that muscle building exercises lead to an uncontrolled gain in mass in many parts of the body. This is of course wrong – muscle building (in contrast to fat burning) takes place only locally . The only muscle that grows is that which has been stimulated sufficiently intensively during training. In addition, this means: If a body region is not supposed to get bigger under any circumstances, the corresponding muscle part simply must not be trained. However, a muscular imbalance should be avoided.

If the muscle gain is a bit too voluminous in some places – don’t worry: Simply reduce the training of the corresponding muscle groups. The hypertrophy (adaptation) of the muscles triggered by the training and the associated muscle fiber and cell growth occurs when the muscle is no longer stimulated. If the load on individual muscle parts is reduced, the muscles break down independently so that energy losses are minimized.

  • Myth 2: The targeted local fat burning

This myth is just as persistent. Many women and men torture themselves with hundreds of sit-ups every day in the hope that the unsightly bacon rolls on the stomach will disappear faster. Unfortunately in vain – it is not possible to promote local fat burning through special exercises. Excessive six-pack training only leads to back pain or, ideally, improves the endurance of the abdominal muscles. More on this in our article on weight loss on the stomach.

Would be too good to be true if you can get rid of the ugly love handles with a few crunches every day. Are we realistic: the only way these things will go away is to reduce your total body fat . Whether this is brought about through appropriate nutrition, a diet, cardio training, strength training or a combination of everything is an open question.

  • Myth 3: If I don’t eat, I lose weight faster

That’s actually true. Women in particular simply forego a meal instead of exercising. In the short term, omitting some meals leads to energy deficits , which have a positive effect on weight loss.

However, you will only get the receipt later: lack of excess and high-energy carbohydrates, the body can compensate for the lack of energy by metabolizing depot fat (fat burning). However, if important macronutrients such as proteins are missing, the entire functionality of the metabolism is at risk.

For many metabolic processes (e.g. muscle building or fat burning) essential amino acids and fatty acids are required that the body cannot synthesize on its own. If these are missing, catabolic (degrading) metabolic processes can release already used amino acids from the muscles and metabolize them further, but the original function (e.g. as muscle fiber) is lost.

Long-term consequences of a nutrient deficiency can be stagnant muscle building, inefficient fat burning, reduced physical and mental performance and other metabolic diseases. So: Eat healthy instead of not at all!

  • Myth 4: Cardio training shapes the stomach, legs and buttocks

A classic half-truth. Cardio training on the treadmill, cross trainer or stepper ensures optimized fat burning, but does not necessarily make the female problem areas more attractive. Less fat doesn’t mean the tissues are firmer. The only method with which the tissue can be tightened in the long term is muscle or strength training.

If a muscle is sufficiently stimulated, the muscle volume increases due to hypertrophy and the overlying tissue is tightened. Significant hypertrophy is only triggered when the muscle is loaded with at least 40-50% of the maximum possible weight with which at least one repetition can be carried out without errors (one repetition maximum). The muscular strain that is brought about by cardio training on the bike, stepper or cross trainer, however, only reaches a fraction of the intensity that can be achieved with conventional strength training and is the greatest delight for the male studio visitors who benefit from this myth.

Steppers, cross trainers or bikes only burn fat, but do not form a firm bottom! Squats are responsible for a sexy butt!

How Long Should It Take to See Muscle Definition?

Why cardio training is still useful

Regular endurance training improves the functionality of the cardiovascular system by, among other things, there is an optimized supply of oxygen in the blood. The so-called ” Afterburn-Effect “, which occurs after intense endurance exercise, increases the effectiveness of fat burning during the regeneration phase. If the “afterburn effect” sets in after a cardio session in the morning, the energy-intensive regeneration phase extends over the entire day. This also maximizes fat burning.

Small consolation for all women who love endurance training as much as the sporadic digging attempts of less wealthy proletarians with thick gold chains: Cardio training is not absolutely necessary for losing weight. However, a constant energy deficit (energy consumption> energy consumption) – one also speaks of calorie deficit. Usually the energy deficit is brought about by a reduced calorie diet. Endurance training is only a useful addition to fitness training for women, as the energy consumption induced by light strength training is rather limited.

How to Gain Muscle: 10 Workouts and Muscle-Building Foods for Women

Diet for weight loss

Sure, a healthy and balanced diet is great – but what does that actually mean? There is no such thing as “perfect nutrition”! There are only a large number of nutritional methods, among which the best method for the personal goals must be selected, optimized and individualized.

However, it is very difficult, especially for beginners, to choose the right one from the seemingly endless (more or less sensible) nutrition tips and methods. The following applies here: test, test, test! If the desired success is not achieved with the correct application of a method, they do not give up, but look for a better nutritional method.

This is the only way to develop an individual diet that also fits your own goals, training progress and genetic predispositions. Below we have put together some tips and information that will make it easier for women to lose weight:

Women benefit from strength training!

Even if strength training is not represented by thick arms or a V-shaped back in women, as is the case with men, you can still see very clearly which woman is doing strength training and which is not. Here are some examples of externally visible changes in the female body that muscle building training can bring about:

  • Impressive posture

Demanding full-body exercises such as squats, deadlifts or pull-ups are not only extremely effective, but also improve posture significantly, as incorrect posture can damage your health during these exercises. Important: As a beginner only with professional support at squats and co. dare!

  • Tight fabric, sexy body shapes

Some exercises not only burn a hell of a lot of calories, but also tighten the tissue incredibly effectively. Every “bumpy butt” becomes a firm bottom and the misshapen thighs look tight and sexy!

  • Higher physical performance

Regardless of whether you are at work, have to rush up the stairs, have to walk hundreds of meters on the sandy beach before the next free berth is reached or simply do other sports – fitness training increases the general performance immensely!

  • No muscle loss during the weight loss phase

If the energy intake is reduced to a minimum during a diet phase, the first thing the body does is stop energy-intensive processes such as muscle building – at least when the muscles are not sufficiently stimulated. Strength training “forces” the muscles to hypertrophy – even during a diet phase. Strength training while on a diet does not lead to significant muscle gains, but at least prevents muscle loss. This means that fat burning continues to run at full speed even in the resting phases.

  • Live the fitness lifestyle

Once you’ve become addicted to the fitness lifestyle, you won’t give it up anytime soon! The mental and physical effects of exercising and eating healthy are just too good .

Mistake: If you want to tone up, you have to train with a lot of repetitions and little weight!

Anyone who has only minimal knowledge of fitness training and human anatomy will laugh or cry at such unprofessional advice. Unfortunately, errors of this kind are often spread by (supposedly) professional women’s magazines, whose daring tips often only lead to frustration, but do not achieve any success in weight loss or weight training.

If an exercise is performed with a high number of repetitions, this only improves the endurance of the muscles by optimizing the intramuscular synthesis and supply of the main energy carrier ATP. For strength training with a lot of repetitions and little weight (e.g. 20-30 reps per set), the muscle stimulation is usually sufficient. not enough to induce muscle growth. But only voluminous muscles and a low percentage of body fat achieve tissue tightening!

The right strength training for women

For all women who have or would like to have a sexy body, there are some basic rules for strength training:

  • All exercises must be carried out with faultless technique and correct posture! The following applies here: Do not do anything that you cannot! Beginners can be supported by a professional!
  • Train with low repetitions! 8-12 repetitions per set are sufficient for targeted muscle building! The number of repetitions can of course vary depending on the training method or intensity technique.
  • Train with high weights! This is the only way to effectively build muscle so that the wrinkles on the buttocks disappear! The weight should be chosen so that the last repetition (e.g. 10 repetitions) can just be managed on your own. You have to use the right technique for basic exercises such as deadlifts and squats anyway if you want to make massive progress and don’t go to waste on the elliptical machine like 95% of the other girls do!
  • Training plan is in! Only with a professional training plan can all muscle groups be sufficiently stimulated and muscular imbalances prevented. Don’t be afraid of male training plans! What is good for men cannot harm women!
  • Increase the training weight progressively at regular intervals! This is the only way to maintain maximum muscle stimulation and prevent muscle growth from stagnating.
  • Make the training varied! Vary the exercises, the number of repetitions and try something new! Muscles can get bored too. Monotonous training quickly makes muscle building inefficient.
  • Keep to the regeneration times! Every muscle needs regeneration and only grows in the resting phases – if you neglect the regeneration phases, the body quickly becomes overtrained. Performance drops and training setbacks are the result.

Our article on intensity techniques will also tell you how many repetitions are really necessary in strength training. The 5 × 5 training system is also great for women.

30 percent training, 70 percent nutrition: time for a nutrition plan

No matter how effective your training is: If you are sloppy in your diet and not consistently working towards your training goal, even sweaty workouts will not lead you in the direction of a dream body!

We know very well that you don’t feel like keeping ticklists for countless calories, writing your shopping list on small square pieces of paper or having to deal with this whole nutrient distribution!

That is why we have prepared vegan, vegetarian and normal nutrition plans specially designed for women, which optimally support you during training and save a lot of work!

  • Either vegan, vegetarian or normal nutritional preferences
  • Support the training goal fat burning OR muscle building
  • With shopping list, preparation, nutritional overview and individual nutrient adjustment for your personal calorie requirement
  • Per nutrition plan 6 fully planned days with 3 main meals + snacks each, i.e. 18 completely independent meals that can be expanded as desired with countless delicious, sweet and quickly prepared snacks!

So you can start the training completely concentrated. Your workout requires a lot of mental focus that you shouldn’t waste on unnecessary arithmetic. No more looking for recipes. No more writing extensive shopping lists. No more calculating and checking nutritional values! If you have any further questions, just contact us beforehand.

Believe in yourself, your training and your successes!

Believe in Yourself and Boost Your Confidence | Brian Tracy

Dear women world: Please do not be misled and persuaded that women need other training methods! Of course, the internet doesn’t offer as much information about fitness training for women as there is e.g. is the case for men. But that’s actually only because women can also use this information for successful training. The female body works a little differently, but by no means worse! Use the potential of intensive strength training , combine it with an adequate diet and live the fitness lifestyle!

Individuality is the key to success! If the tips from the “man’s world” do not lead you to the desired success, perhaps some factors should be optimized and individualized – this can be training plans, diet or the Be choosing the right exercises.

Oh … one more thing. I know you have a lot of questions. And that’s just as well!

Perhaps you’ve been training for a few months and still aren’t sure you’re doing everything right. Maybe you suffer from a lack of training success even though you keep tearing your ass off week after week. If, despite your hard training and a (supposedly) perfect diet, you have still not achieved the training progress that you should have made a long time ago, it is slowly time for a change, isn’t it? Something seems to be going wrong with you.

Before you waste any more weeks of your valuable training time pointlessly, we should rather work on your problems. The main cause of the lack of success in training women in building muscle is often a misconception of correct strength training and correct nutrition in women. What is meant here are the individual training and nutritional parameters.

It is essential that you know exactly which training intensity, training frequency and which training volume is right for your individual training status . Your diet then only adapts to your own fitness level. If someone explained the basics of training and nutrition to you just once correctly and clearly, you could understand why that is!

For this reason, we have bundled all of the fundamental questions relating to muscle building training for women, physiology and nutrition into a single guide for you. There we explain all the important basics step by step. The integrated training program for women takes you by the hand from the very beginning and guides you through the entire muscle building training as a woman .

You start as a beginner, train and optimize with the help of the guide and after 3-4 months you are finally where everyone else wants to be! Your bubble butt takes its toll. Your old pants don’t fit anymore. Your baggy sweaters give way to the tight shirts and tops that you hatefully banished to the closet in the summer! And much more important: Your new self-confidence and your regained motivation blow up all your failures! Because only with regular success, no matter how small, can you hold out your irrepressible and tough investment in your body!

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