Squats for women: why squats are essential for a firm bottom

Squats for women: why squats are essential for a firm bottom

Do you want a firm butt? An irresistibly attractive bottom? Tight legs and a strong core that will make many other exercises and everyday loads much easier in the future? Then you should as a woman do squats! Squats are probably the best exercise for women who not only want to achieve a firm bottom, but also decisively strengthen their entire legs and even the upper body and the well-known “problem areas” want to do the best. So …

Why should I do squats as a woman?

Squats belong in your muscle building training as a woman. If there was only one exercise that we had to reduce a training plan for women to, it would be the squats . Okay, it may be that you haven’t heard a lot about squats. You may even hate and despise them. With the pure thought of squats , your head probably always suggests an image in which the men in the gym are gawking mentally behind you and watching you and your buttocks closely while training. Gawking par excellence.

This uncomfortable thought is certainly one of the main reasons women don’t squat. The squat rack , i.e. the holder for the barbell that you use for the squat, is usually in the free weight area of ​​the gym. And the free weight area in many discount studios is like an open cage filled with testosterone-charged primates , uncivilized monkeys and a few men in between. But are you really interested in the hard way to an attractive bubble butt , to your well-trained bikini body … to your athletic dream figure? Do you let gawking guys stop you from reaching your goals?

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Seriously. As an already attractive woman, you are used to being looked at and spoken to by men in all imaginable situations. Whether on the train, at the bakery or in the disco. Men look at women. And if you, as a woman, do a lot of squats in the future, the looks will increase dramatically. Why? Squats are simply the best exercise for your buttocks! They shape into round, tight and crisp. And that doesn’t just attract men’s eyes.

Enough talk. Let’s get started with the facts. So why should women do squats regularly? It’s simple: With this elementary full-body exercise you don’t just train your butt, but your entire torso, legs and back muscles.

Through training with the free barbell , not only will your maximum strength increase progressively and continuously, but also the state of adaptation (the adaptation level) of speed strength, endurance and your muscle mass (i.e. the muscle volume below the Fatty tissue that makes the skin appear firm). This is due to the almost linear relationship between strength and muscle mass. The greater the muscle mass of an athlete, the higher (normally) the muscle strength. You can run faster, jump further and higher and are also much more productive in everyday life. Good thing right?

Before you get the idea to switch off your computer immediately because you are afraid that you, as a woman, will do muscle building training If you mutate into a muscle mountain with squats and the like and could replace Schwarzenegger in his terminator role, just read our article about the female maximum in muscle building.

Why are squats so important and exhausting?

Free squats with the barbell represent an extremely complex sequence of movements for your body, in which pretty much every available muscle group has to contribute in order to be able to cope with these high-intensity loads. Thus, in addition to your thighs, the hamstring muscles, your lower and upper back muscles and your abdominal muscles, you also strain the shoulder strap and neck muscles. This extensive interaction between all muscles makes the squat an effective combination exercise, also known as a full-body exercise.

Compound exercises are particularly effective because the execution of the exercise is very similar to a natural movement pattern. If we mentally beam ourselves back a few thousand years to the Stone Age and observe the movement patterns of our ancestors , we recognize many movement patterns when climbing, lifting heavy objects, running, jumping or fleeing from the angry mammoth are much more similar to full-body training with compound exercises than daily work at the desk or a completely static muscle building training.

If we look at the training on stationary devices, which is about 60-70% of all gym attendees (especially women), the movement patterns performed during the exercise are light years away from the patterns imprinted in the course of evolution. Even if exercises such as triceps stretchers, calf raises or biceps carls are no less effective in absolute terms, such as a compound exercise, a movement pattern isolated to a few or only individual muscle groups requires much less motor units .

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Seriously, squats are a training basis. Women in particular should move more and more from the stepper under the barbell so that the countless buttocks and legs that can be optimized finally get a tight and sexy shape!

And the more motor units (nerves, joint apparatus and muscles) are involved in a movement, the more progressively the level of adaptation can increase through regular hypertrophy training . The more muscles you have, the more energy you use during rest and training. This maximizes your fat burning and ensures that your bubble butt really turns into a bubble butt! Squats are therefore the ideal weapon against pounds and loose tissue for women!

The technique for performing the exercise: The A, B, C, D and O!

So that the squats can unfold their outstanding effect and perfect your body, you absolutely have to deal with the correct squat technique . The high complexity of this exercise naturally makes it prone to mistakes, which you can completely eliminate with a few training basics and a pinch of training physiology.

The right technique for squats is important not only to prevent injuries, but also from a performance-physiological perspective. You already know that this exercise stimulates and demands an incredible number of muscle groups. But this is exactly where the crux of the matter lies:

While the rear muscle chain over the buttocks and back consists of several muscles that are exposed during intense stress (e.g. a squat) by hip extension under load (with additional weights in the hand or a barbell the upper back) can generously distribute the forces acting on all muscles involved, the quadriceps in your leg must be stretched from the lowest point (while crouching), i.e. in the upward movement or in the concentric movement of the knee can handle the entire load .

So you have to use all the muscle groups involved as optimally as possible so that the result in muscle building is as it should be for a firm bottom . So that this works in practice, you should read our article about the correct technique for squats as a woman in detail, internalize it and implement it during training!

Squats are Important in Fitness

Of course, squats alone are not enough to catapult your training progress ad hoc into the next galaxy. As a beginner in particular, you should at least deal with the really essential basics of training, nutrition and physiology. You don’t have to know how the engine works. But if you drive a car you should at least know what happens when you press the accelerator!

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